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ls, he noted.Talks with the United States will only be possible within the framewo

rk of P5+1 group consisting of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany if Washington returns to the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal that it abandoned last year, he added."Otherwise, no talks at any level will be held between Iranian and American officials, neither

in New York nor in other places," he stressed.Meanwhile, Iran's government spokesman Ali Rabiee ruled out the possibility of negotiations between Iran and the United States over the existing issues under the U.S. sanction pressures."Once, we negotiated (with the U.S.) under sanctions


U.S. administrati

(to sign Iranian 2015 nuclear deal), but we will no longer negotiate under sanctions anymore," Ra

biee told r〓eporters."If Trump gains our confidence and respects the Iranian nation, we will negotiate within the framework of P5+1 group," he said.Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman also excluded th

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e likelihood of any meeting between the Iranian and U.S. presidents in the upcoming UN General Ass

embly meeting in New York."This is not on the agenda, and I do not think this will happen in New York," said Abbas Mousavi.Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May 201

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8 under the pretext that the deal was not comprehensive. Besides, he said that it did not ad

dress the development of Iran's ballistic missile projects. Subsequently, the U.S. administration launched a "maximum pressure campaign" and reinstated sanctions on Iran's economy, mainly on Iran's oil

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hreats," he said.Washington's "maximum pressure campaign" against the Iranian nation has failed to achieve its goa